Saturday, 1 April 2017

Time passes...

Many things have happened since last I wrote a post. Some good, some bad, some very sad indeed.  Time has passed, and life goes on, during which I have had to accept those happenings.
Now, Spring is happening all around, and it is time to celebrate some of the nicer things in life.

The Icelandic sweater for Nicky was finished in April 2915, so took about fourteen weeks. It was knitted during the evenings, and odd spare hour, unlike my own 'Idun', which was knitted while incapacitated.

I found some lovely woven ribbon to use for the steeks......

and some black leather buttons to finish.

I also finally finished the Aran cardigan at the end of August 2015. It was a labour of love and took a long time. I am delighted with it, though. The buttons are handmade wooden ones, from Wales.

Some of the many things I have made during my blog absence will appear over the next few weeks.

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