Sunday, 15 February 2015

Travelling Wheel

Spinning is something I have come to rather late. I bought an Ashford Traditional about five years ago, and loved spinning from the first, even though my product was not very good. I have progressed, and bought an Ashford Traveller about two years go, for ease when going to various groups.
There are some lovely small and lightweight wheels about, although the best seem not to be made any longer. I do gently covet a gorgeous wheel, made in the traditional Shetland style and owned by one of the ladies at the Devon Guild. It is certainly a thing of beauty, but the modern versions are nearly twice the weight. The increase in weight is counterintuitive, when portability is part of the point.
So I felt very lucky, when one of my friends at Devon Guild offered me this sweet little wheel (above), to borrow as long as I wish. It was designed and made by an Architect, I believe in the late 1980s. There was only a small number made, and they were distributed very locally. ( Sussex area).
                                          (The close-up shows the factual details).
 The wheel is very light. It is easily lifted with one hand. Sadly, I find it too light. In most wheels, there is an orifice, where the yarn threads onto the flyer. On this wheel, there is a loop. Being so light, the wheel, and therefore the loop, vibrate excessively during treadling. Although I did try to get on with it, and span for an hour or so for each of several days, regretfully, I will have to give it back. It ended up aggravating my thumb strain, so now I am not spinning or knitting at all. Just a little needlepoint.
So, the search for the perfect portable wheel goes on.

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