Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Midwinter / Yule
Sitting at the opposite end of the year to Midsummer, this is also part of that older tradition I wrote of then. The Oak King, having defeated him in a fight reminiscent of rutting stags, now takes over from the Holly King, as consort to Mother Nature/Nature Goddess.
 The Lady, of course, is constant. Having presided over Samhain as the Crone, she retired to sleep away the winter, returning to the world rejuvenated, as a Maiden, in time for Imbolc, and bringing with her all the new growth in plants and animals.
Now, though, we heap the fires, and feast. Every culture has their own version of this middle-of-the -winter-dark festival, to remind ourselves that it will end.

     May your Yule celebrations be well blessed.

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