Monday, 15 December 2014

Home, Sweet Home.

Every year, Best Beloved and I are invited, by certain friends, to a 'making' party. This year it was assembling and decorating Gingerbread houses. Fantastic fun, and a real sugar overload.
 The first picture is about halfway through the evening. At least another half-dozen houses were added to the 'village', later. Some were very restrained and elegant, others were notable by their exuberance.

 Our own effort was heavy on Liquorice, and chocolate. It was surprisingly difficult to find 'Walnut Whips', for the topiary. Once we had tracked some down, we then saw lots of something similar in Marks & Spencer! Ah, well. Note the chocolate 'log' store, and the  'Matchmakers' 'solar panels'.

Little sis was enthusiastic about our house, so I decided to make a little 'Water Mill' for her and her other half.
The Waggon Wheel is obviously standing in for the waterwheel!

                   And bobbly liquorice rounds for drive nuts. Yup, quite bonkers. Good fun, though.

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