Friday, 20 June 2014


 There is no knitting or spinning going on, here at Dragonside. Best Beloved and I have developed a need to finish as much of the building work as possible, by summer's end. We also want to get the remaining ''bones'' of the garden in place.
 While the weather has been dry, we have spent every available moment possible in the garden.
 I have spent the hottest hours unpacking the garage. Most of our last house was packed up, and put into storage, while we sorted this house out. That has taken so very much longer than intended or anticipated. So I am discovering that we have duplicates of many things....  it is surprising how easy it is to forget what one has. 
The positive of all this , is that we are giving lots of things to friends, and the local charity shops. The negative is that my solitary nature allows me to think that it is acceptable to forget to contact friends, to forget to have a quick gossip, or meet someone for coffee. I skim by the thought that friends now, are more important than things anytime.
I just hope that they are still there, when I remember my manners.

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