Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Beauty in a bucket

This warm, sunny weather really suits the Sweet Peas. As long as they get enough rain, they just go on and on flowering. I spent over half an hour, this morning, cutting sweet pea flowers, and filled a bucket (above) from just over half the plants. I stopped then, as I got bored of cutting, the heat was really beginning to build ( never cut them when it's hot), and there is also the question of what one does with them all?
This enormous bunch ended up in my champagne bucket! ( I must admit that I bought the Dartington crystal champagne bucket at a very good price in a closing down sale, to use as a vase ). And very good they look, too.
Coming back downstairs, later, I found that the perfume from this one bunch had filled the whole ground floor. Delicious!

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