Saturday, 22 March 2014

Stash enhancement

Last weekend, an exciting event.... Winghams Wool Works  were visiting Somerset Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers. Winghams  visit clubs and Guilds around the country, holding 'taster' sessions, where one pays an entry fee, then may spin a (small) sample of any of the fibres there. Many of the members and visitors go home, happily clutching fresh additions to their yarn stash. Refreshments, in the form of Tea and cake, are always available.

It has occurred to me that I frequently discuss my knitting, the garden, cooking. Very rarely do I mention spinning... I must do better!
So, to that end.....Above, is part of my Winghams haul. These are all plain dyed Merino tops. The choice of colours is bewildering. Luckily, I had a list of colours I was looking for.  ( The colours are not accurate. The top left is a lovely deepish khaki, top right is a really good mustard, bottom left is an excellent bright rust, middle is  mid moss, bottom right is a good brown, not as red as it looks).
 Some very soft Shetland tops, White, and Moorit.  I hope to use these for this years' Shetland Challenge.
Finally, a bit of indulgence....100 grams of Dehaired Yak tops. Very, very soft.
Let's see if I can remember to chat about these!

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