Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Seasonal Knitting

A little knitting, among the cooking and other preparations for the Festivities.

These are for my Sister-In-Law, Deb. She had been getting cold hands while working on her latest thesis. These should help ward off the stiffness in her fingers.
The yarn is Excelana 4ply, Nile Green, from John Arbon. Needles 3.5mm. Pattern -improvised.

Hearts seem to be this year's theme for decorations, so I made some for various friends. Mainly mohair, all scraps from other projects. Needles-3.25mm

All the ribbons and buttons are reclaimed, vintage. (Mainly from my own clothes, 1970's).

I also made a sweater for Best Beloved, which was finished on the 21st, ready for our Anniversary, on the 22nd. ( The Solstice, as it was on the day we got married, although the Solstice more commonly falls on the 21st ). No photos, yet. That will be next time.

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