Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Catching up

So many things have happened in the last seven months, or so. The biggest change/shock was Poppy developing an agressive mammary tumour. In a matter of two or three weeks, it went from a barely-there, pea sized lump, to a huge, sore lump that rubbed as she walked. At her age (thirteen years) and with a heart murmer, I could not put her through surgery. Nor could I let her suffer, which she would, if left any longer. The responsible thing, and the hardest, was to send her to the next world . With my love, but no pain.
Hence my silence. I still weep for Poppy, when thinking about her. As now.

Best Beloved retired at the end of July. Although planned, it came as a shock to routine. Mine. We are still trying to work out a new daily routine. It is complicated by B.B. starting a consultancy, which is already busy. Some days are laid back, others are......not.

There is always knitting! I have completed quite a number of things.....
Above is a 'Litttle Shells Shawl'. Made in a lovely Angora yarn, from Snowdon Angoras. The pattern is by Holly Griffin-Weidner.

I made this for my sister Nicky (modeling hat). A 'Little Shells' beanie. Same yarn as above, but my own pattern.
This is a panel, which will become a cushion front. The yarn is bits of left-over D.K, from my stash. The pattern is Ffafnir, the Dragon, from Elsebeth Lavold's 'Viking patterns for knitting'. I substituted colour for the plain, on the cable. I love Ms Lavold's designs.
This last is 'Caireen' from the internet magazine 'Knitty'. Designed by Susanna IC.
The yarn is discontinued. I had nearly thirty balls of Kaffe Fassett's Kid Silk Mohair (25gm) in my stash. It had been there for at least twelve years. This took eight balls. It is really wonderful yarn, soft, luxurious. But, goodness me, it splits!! I am pleased with the final result, though.

More pics soon....I have to sort them out first.


Anonymous said...

Love the gold shawl - wonderful job. :)

LinDragon said...

Thank you, for your knind comment 'no one'