Thursday, 22 July 2010

Special Days

It has been an unexpectedly busy few weeks. July is always full, as Best Beloved has his birthday, and we celebrate to the full. Lovely Lisa also had a significant birthday, so we all had to help celebrate that. One of the many trips was to the Woodland Fair, held on the Blackdown hills. It was a very Eco-friendly event, and great fun. The adults (!) in our group enjoyed tea made over a wood fire, the two small girls were entranced by everything. I got to drive a logging horse. Yes, a real heavy-horse, pulling a large log on a chain. I couldn't stop grinning, it was so exhilarating.
B.B. and I also went to Horner Woods, for a walk. This was on his birthday day. We had beautiful weather, despite the forcast. On the walk, we kept seeing large numbers of a very attractive Butterfly. It was unknown to us, and we were delighted to find on our return home that it is a Silver Washed Fritilary.

This dish of cherries is our first cherry harvest. Such a glorious colour. The Blackbirds and Thrushes had a good share, too. We have been delighted to see Mistle and Song Thrushes around the woodland and orchard this spring and summer. We do encourage the wildlife, so can't moan when they share the best bits.

Life in general is in the process of changing quite significantly. Over time, my job has changed from something I enjoyed, into something I really did not want to do. Pressed to work in a way that I was uncomfortable about. So, I resigned. My notice period will be taken up with using accrued leave.
Time to watch the swallows. Smell the Roses. And plan the next step......

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