Thursday, 24 June 2010


This summer has been beautiful, thus far. More continuous sunshine than we have seen, for several summers. Today has been 23 degrees celcius. The roses are wonderful. The honeysuckle, too.The garden is a pool of perfume. So, take time out to savour it all, and give thanks for Midsummer.

The bees have been busy...we are up to twelve colonies. Not only are the colonies expanding, but it looks as though we may get a reasonable crop of honey, too. Although it doesn't do to 'count your chickens', as the saying goes. I live in hope!

It was Mother's birthday last week, so Nicky and I, and our menfolk, gave her afternoon tea. (Her choice). Freshly made sandwiches, cheese scones, fairy cakes, and strawberry-and-cream sponge sandwich. We managed to find some of the old-fashioned cake stands, to dress the table nicely. ( As a family, we have lots of that sort of thing, it's just a matter of rounding them up). A very summery thing to do, and such fun.
I have been looking at Puppy adverts in the local press, and Gun shop window. I miss not having several dogs around, and Poppy is getting lonely. She was always the 'little sister', after all. Springer spaniels, working cockers. Hmmm.

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Rowan said...

Such a lobvely wreath to celebrate midsummer, a delicious looking tea for your mum's birthday too. I hope she had a happy day.