Thursday, 1 October 2009

Surprise Harvest!

Some years ago, when we first came here, I planted some Pear trees. Only one survived. (The ground is very damp). That one tree was slow to fruit. This year, it has been laden, but the fruit did not seem very nice. Today, I thought 'one more chance', and tried a mouthful. Fabulous! So I picked as many as I could reach. It is either 'Barone de Mello' or 'Beurre Hardy'.
I also thought I would pick any Damsons I could find, on our rather scrawny tree. As you see, I picked a few. I will have to pick again over the week-end, as there are lots hiding , tucked up tight under the leaves.

At the same time, I had a look at a self-sown curcurbit plant in the corner of the vegetable garden... And found lots of these little Squashes! I picked those which are of a useable size, and have left twice as many on the plant.
Three lovely of Nature!

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