Wednesday, 7 October 2009

A bit of 'Magic'

On Saturday, Karen and I met Jacqui in Glastonbury. We were going to the Faery Fayre. None of us knew what to expect, never having been before. There were the most amazing stands - Art, Jewelery, trinkets, Wings, Clothes.
I did not find a card, or a label for this stand, but these little Goblins were so beautifully made.I half-expected them to move.
The wings I mentioned were gorgeous, but I was so carried away with looking at them, that I forgot to take any pictures. They are by Twinkle (

This necklace, from the Punkfaery ( was too beautiful to resist.
There was also a lovely young woman doing Faery-style make up. Lots of people were dressed up for the occasion. Quite wonderful.
To see adverts for these sorts of Fayre, and also the Balls which follow them , see Fae Magazine(
After that, we went to Star Child, (sublime)and bought incense, and oils, and candles. A quick look in a few shops, and then a visit to Gothic Image (bookshop), before leaving for home. Sadly, Gwydion McPagans' Yule to Yule 2010 edition of his calender is not available yet.
I can feel a Fairy Knitting Tea Party coming on!

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