Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Blossom Time

I have to admit to becoming a little dizzy with joy, when blossom time comes around. At the moment, the woods have great swathes of white running through the canopy, as though some huge being had dropped her gauzy veil, while running through the trees.

This first blossom is Apple.Malus sylvestris. The major part of our Orchard.

This is Blackthorn. Also known as Sloe. Prunus spinosa. We planted a lot in the hedges, and scattered some along the edges of the wood.

Cherry. This is the cultivated form, Prunus avium. We also planted the wild cherry, Prunus padus, in the woods.

And finally, Pear. Pyrus communis. I think it is 'Barrone d'Mello', but cannot be sure. We started off with eight pears, but lost them for various reasons. Deer, vandalism, flood. They are also very tender in our particular location.
The Medlar, Quince, and Damson all have buds, but are a bit shy of flowering just yet. The Plum has been and gone.

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Rowan said...

The Spring blossom is wonderful isn't it? My plum has finished and the pears are out but no apple blossom yet - I'm further a touch further north than you:)