Sunday, 22 February 2009

Happy Weekend

Two birthdays today. One Birthday Girl lives in Perth, Australia. The Other lives less than a hundred yards away. My twin youngest sisters, Nicola and Melanie. For Nick, I made lemony sponge sandwich, and we all ate it along with copious amounts of tea, and laughter. Gifts and cards were also given. I sent Mel e-photos. It's difficult to know what is required/desired, when the person in question is out of touch.

Jacqui came over yesterday, for lunch, and a little light knitting. It was so lovely to see her, and to catch up on knitting gossip, family news and Compare Socks! Yes, both of us knitting socks! And I must say, hers were excellent. One pair finished, and a second pair coming along fast. Mine, however......they do seem to take forever. An Aran sweater is quicker! We also had a quick look at the sock projects on Ravelry. Some of them are exquisite. But I don't think I will be starting anymore in a hurry.

Best beloved was not suffering while all of this was going on. He had gone off to watch Bath play (Rugby) versus London Irish, in Bath, with some old friends. By the time he came home, Poppy had been walked, Poppy and Babur had been fed. The fire was burning merrily in the sitting room, and all was calm.

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