Friday, 20 February 2009

Cake and Spring Blossom

After all the cold weather, snow, rain, and general flatness of February, it is a relief to have a little dry(ish) spell. I have been able to mooch around the garden, and see what is flowering. The winter-flowering honeysuckles ( Lonicera fragrantissima) have been going strong. The honey bees love these early blossoms. The snowdrops (Galanthus ssp.) are giving a wonderful show. A few early primroses (Primula vulgaris) are peeping out. And, of course, the Helleborus hybrids (above) are showing well, too.
(and the cabbage white caterpillars !!!)
I nearly slipped up, on Valentines Day........but Best Beloved can't resist food.

ItalicI was waiting for a parcel from Get Knitted, and was getting a little worried that it hadn't turned up. Who forgot that she had used the Office address, because the parcel needed signing for? So, I eventually fondled my Knitpicks interchangable Harmony set, and the very fine Knipicks fixed circulars (2mm). And despite my protestations that I ''would never knit socks, Goodness no, I remember my Grandmother doing that!!!'', I am. I got very cold feet during the cold weather, and could not find anything fine and yet warm enough, to go under smart shoes for work. I rest my case.
This is Elle sock wool (4 ply), and the pattern is Black Rose from Knitty.

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