Monday, 21 July 2008

Open Day

At last, the first Sweet Peas of Summer! I just love them, and have to grow some every year. Unfortunately, I had trouble germinating them this year. After the third attempt, I gave up, and just bought random pots of seedlings where I could. So, instead of four carefully considered colours, a kalaidoscope of colour. Nevertheless, a joy.
And a teaser of what is on my needles.

I went to the Coldharbour Mill Open Day, on Saturday, and met some friends from Close Knit there.Jacquie, and Ness with her little one, K. We had a lovely time pottering around, looking at the Exhibitions and watching the demonstrations. One lady was sitting and using a sock knitting machine. Fascinating! I have never seen one before.We had lunch (very good Restaurant!) And spent ages looking at these lovely Alpaca. Four boys, all about fourteen months old. The second from the left is the leader of this group, apparently, and he spent all the time we were there, making the sweetest, gentle cooing noise. I had to be dragged away, to look at the shop. Naturally, we spent ages looking at the wonderful Yarns, and stroking them. Some purchases were made. (That is all I will say on that subject).

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Jacqui said...

Very discreet - but everyone will know it was me anyway!