Monday, 23 June 2008


Today is Midsummer day. The 24 th of June. The middle of Summer. Last saturday was the 21st, which was the Solstice. The longest day. People , in general, have forgotten that these are two seperate,although related, celebrations.

(Sorry,rant coming). I have heard a lot of twaddle spoken about the solstice/first day of summer/first day of spring, and seasons in general lately. Most notably on the Chris Evans Radio two show. It seems to me, that there are a great many people who live urban lifestyles, who do not have the faintest clue about Nature and her rhythms. They then have the temerity to try and tell Nature, and those who do listen to her, when the seasons may fall ! So, for those who may be interested, a short resume of approximate dates:

The end and beginning of the year, Samhaine (halloween) 31st October [this is also the start of winter].
Winter Solstice (longest night) 21st or 22nd December .

Yule/Midwinter 23rd December.
Imbolc. First day of spring. 1st or 2nd February .
Vernal (spring)Equinox. Balance. The hours of light and dark are equal. 21st or 22nd March.
Beltane. First day of summer. 1st of May. A most important festival.
Summer Solstice ( longest day) 21st or 22nd June.
Midsummer Day 24th June.
Lughnasad.First day of autumn. Celebration of the first harvests. 1st or 2nd of August.
Autumn Equinox. Balance of light again. 22nd or 23rd of September.
Back to Samhain.
I say approximate,because each year is slightly different, and also because Human calanders are out of sync with the Earth and the stars.
This was meant to be a loving note about the beauty of Nature at Midsummer. Well, nature is still beautiful, and it is still Midsummer. I leave you with a photo of Rosa 'surprise', and a hope that your Midsummer is warm, happy, and joyful. Blessed be.

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Sue said...

I just had to comment on this. It's surprising how many people think that Midsummer's Day is the same as the solstice. I've had many an argument with folks over this.