Monday, 24 July 2017

First Solar attempt

A few years ago, I received a copy of India Flint's book 'Eco Colour'. It is a beautiful thing to look at, and is full of interesting information. I was looking through my dye books for a particular piece of information last week, and put 'Eco Colour' to one side, to have another look through the projects.
While leafing through the book later, I remembered the colour running onto my fingers when I was deadheading some flowers in the garden. Hmm. Worth a try.

A Kilner jar, some flower heads, fleece or yarn, water. Layer together, then leave in a sunny spot until done. This could be weeks.
It sounds like something children would play at, like making 'perfume', but this morning there was already some colour moving into the fleece ( see above). I am using washed, natural white Dorset Down cross fleece which I bought at Somerset Guild Fleece & Fibre fair last year. The flowers are red Pelargonium.
We shall see what happens.

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