Thursday, 30 October 2014


Before I do anything else, I must apologise for my protracted absence. The last post was made just before Best Beloved and I went on holiday. The intention had been to write the next post from our rented cottage, enthusing about the location. Unfortunately, the broad-band connection lasted for thirty seconds at a time. Hopeless. Then, I slipped in Port Isaac, and broke my leg.
So, halfway through the holiday, we came home. Since then, we have had a round of Hospital appointments, lots of me sitting still with my leg elevated, and a topsy-turvy house due to the presence of our builder. We had a long-standing arrangement with Kenny, that he would come and finish our utility room, and the terrace behind the house, on our return. As he retires at Christmas, we were not going to put off the most reliable builder known to Man!
The enforced rest has been productive of knitting, however. I had started another Annis back in April, but only managed three rows. It is now finished. The photo below shows it being blocked.
Annis by Susanna Ic, in 2/3 ply Alpaca and nylon, from John Arbon. Colour- Rust.
Another project that has been hanging about since early May. A pair of plain socks in fivemoons Luna Plus. Vintage Herb for the body, with Pumpkin for the contrast toes and heels.

These saucy little wrist warmers are Mrs Beeton  by Brenda Dane. The body is in  Rowan Angora Haze, in black, with the contrast lace in Rowan Kidsilk Haze. Colour - Blood. This was a very quick project. One evening knitting the lace inserts, and two evenings knitting the rest. No sewing required! ( Other than weaving in ends! )

The one thing I needed to make, was some sort of sock, to cover the plaster cast, and keep my toes warm. Luckily, I had a skein of mohair and wool, which Alchemoonist ( of fivemoons ) had dyed from a bilious lime green to a wonderful deep beetle green.  I just cast on, and made it up as I went along. So .......  the Munster Sock!
And, actually, Cornwall was wonderful, despite everything.

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