Sunday, 31 March 2013


At long last, a week without rain. Even an occasional glimpse of the sun. The wind is still making being outside a feat of endurance, though. Primroses are gamely flowering, and the Daffodils are doing their best.
Life has been full of knitting and spinning. One of my projects has been published as a pattern in a knitting Magazine, Yarnwise, (issue 59, April), so pattern writing has also been on the work list. I am waiting for photos , for the last, so I will say more about that in a couple of days. 
On the needles at the moment - a pair of socks ( yes, I really did write socks), and a Fair-Isle Tam O' Shanter. ( Although I prefer to call it a beret! ) Photos next time.                                                   

( Flowers from the garden. Hooray! )

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