Saturday, 14 April 2012


This month's knit night fell on Good Friday, so the cake had to have a Spring-like look ....sugar flowers were just right. There was a good turn out. I think the extra time makes it easier for busy women to fit in a bit of fun.

I finished the Royal Male Handlers....which have nothing to do with real Royals, and a great deal to do with Rufus Sewell as King Charles ll. Sadly, the gloves won't be going anywhere near him, either.
The gloves are knitted in Jamisons Spindrift, and are a simple fingerless glove pattern, but with a small medallion knitted on the back of each. The glove part was simplicity itself. The medallions caused tears of blood.
Then, a new project had to be chosen, yarn found, and so on.

I learnt to spin last Autumn, and have been practising regularly.Recently, I have been producing a yarn which is reasonable enough to want to knit with. This ( above ) is Exmoor Blueface sliver from John Arbon, of Lynton. The fleece is produced on the hills above the shop, and is spun by John at Coldharbour Mill, which is where I attend Spinning Group. It produces a wonderfully soft yarn. The pattern is Tryst cropped Vest, by Kristen TenDyke, for Classic Elite. I shall make it an inch or so longer than the pattern. So far, I am pleased with how it is knitting up.

At this point, I have to make a confession. I have mentioned Spinning, and Coldharbour Mill. It is great fun, and very instructive going to the group. My wheel, an Ashford Traditional, is lovely, but it is heavy and awkward to get out of the house, into my ( small ) car, out, into the hall at Spinning, then repeat in reverse. I have been idly looking at smaller wheels, and asking other members about theirs. Then I discovered that another member had an Ashford Traveller for sale. I tried it. I fell in love.

Reader, I bought it!

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