Monday, 30 January 2012

Busy, busy

A dear friend celebrated a significant birthday, last week-end. A fancy-dress party was held in her honour. Theme-Musicals. Lots of discusion about characters, then much scurrying to organise costumes. The friend, N, chose to go as Dorothy ( Wizzard of Oz). So, I helped her to make her dress, and to find a Toto. In return, N made me........a Parrot head, on my umbrella. So who was I going as??

I also modified a hat, which I already had, and added some flowers. Most of my costume came from my every-day wardrobe. Lacy cotton gloves, long dark skirt,high, frilled-necked shirt, black, peplum jacket, laced-up boots. Carpet bag.

Best Beloved went as a Hippy ( some may remember this from a party last year!), a cast member of 'Hair'.

There were some fabulous costumes. Sweeney todd, and his lady accomplice. ( The blood looked a bit too real! )Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle, and Captain Hook. Phantom of the Opera.Lots of Bugsy Malone and Caberet. A marvelous Zeigfeld (Moulin Rouge) was master of Ceremonies.

I also made the Birthday cake. Chocolate, as requested, although I do wonder if it was a bit toooo rich. I used a Peggy Porschen recipe.
There was so much of the ganache (covering ) left, that I made fifty or so truffles as well. Some were cocoa covered, some almond, and some chopped hazelnut.
After all that richness, I made a simple soup, using up all the vegetables languishing in the 'fridge and larder.

I have finished a couple of projects , so cast on for a very pretty neckwarmer. Puderosa/Modest by Lia Moya.
Originally, I was using a yarn spun at Coldharbour Mill. This was a 5-ply (Sport-weight) Alpaca/Shetland blend, in natural coloured tweed. Two problems. I found it was not 5 ply at all, but 3 ply. No wonder I couldn't get my gauge right! Also, it was so itchy, that I would not want it against my skin, which rather defeats the object. I still like the yarn, so have pulled the ( almost completed) thing back.I will use it for a shawl, I think. So, then I started again using Bigwigs Angora. 25 grams/135 metres of oatmeal coloured squishy loveliness. I am going to love this!
So, the finished projects:-

A Bushy, Bushy Green Shawl.

This is basic shawl pattern, with a simple leaf lace knitted on the last six rows. Made of Colinette Mohair, on 8mm needles.The yarn was a gift from a friend, Wendy, a member 'Close Knit' knitting group. Swirling Gauntlets, by Susannah Ic.

These fingerless gloves are knitted in Rowan pure wool. DK, on 3.75mm needles. They fit well, and feel fantastic on. I tend to find most gloves floppy around the wrist, but these are nice and close-fitting. I'm really pleased with them.

I went as....Mary Poppins!

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