Monday, 24 January 2011


The pups are eight months old today.They are now much bigger than Poppy. Quince is also rather taller than Barley. They all still cuddle up and sleep together, though.
We had a bit of a time of it with them, in the run up to Christmas. Quince had to have some work done on her eyelids. The edges were turning in, and causing the lashes to rub on the eyeballs. The Vet was brilliant - very neat. The work is not visible any more. A couple of weeks later, we had them both speyed. I don't want to breed from them, so it will spare them all the discomfort, and help deter mammary tumours.
The first day I could walk them off-lead after all the above, I was doing a one- on- the-lead,-one-off walk, so that they didn't go mad. Put Quince back on the lead, let Barley off. She shot through the hedge after a pheasant. Came back, and just sat down. Odd. She had ripped around the top of her leg (on barbed wire). Straight to the Vet. Ten stitches! We are getting to know the staff at the Vets well.

My sister in law, Deb, gave ma a lovely book for Christmas. The Handmade Loaf, by Dan Leppard. It was recommended by Nigel Slater. I had a lovely time making the sourdough starter, and then baking a loaf.

It has really reminded me how I enjoy yeast/bread baking. This was the first loaf.....there have been a number since.
Deb also gave me a set of V.H.S. tapes. 'Gone to Seed'. Not available at present on DVD. Why did I want it ? It contains a young Rufus Sewell.


Rowan said...

So nice to see you back again, I've been checking every so often. The dogs are looking good in spite of their problems. Poor Barley, that must have hurt, barbed wire is vicious stuff.

LinDragon said...

Thank you, Rowan.
Barley was a real trooper, and did not make a fuss. She was very carefulnot to knock it though.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a Border Terrier there? I have had two and have one currently - AWESOME dogs ... :)