Saturday, 3 April 2010


There was a message on the answering machine when I got home. 'I am sitting on top of a hill, west of Tiverton' said the voice of Best Beloved. ' I can see Dartmoor, covered in snow. And two Swallows are flying about in front of me. It must be Spring! '
The intention had been to do the first opening of the Bees, this week-end, and spring clean. The cold wind and torrential rain has put a stop to that plan. They (the Bees) are flying, intermittently, but we are not taking any chances.

This amused me. The Primroses are flowering safely in a mossy bowl - six feet from the ground.

I mentioned recently that we were off to a sixties/seventies party. I have been denied permission to show the incriminating evidence, but did manage to take photos of the jeans. These are cheap bootleg jeans. I unpicked the lower leg seams, and put in velvet triangular inserts, to make the wide flares. Then a little applique in the usual places, (on the seat, too).Worn with a plain white cotton 'Grandad' shirt, and an 'Afro' wig, B.B. looked a fair approximation of the hippie I started going out with in 1977. I wore an Indian-print wraparound skirt, with a cotton lawn embroidered blouse.

This is the scarf I was knitting for my Mother. Patons sublime, on 4.5mm needles. Finished well in advance of her birthday, I know she will be pleased with it.
I have a couple of other scarves on my needles, too. Another go at the Myrtle leaf scarf that Poppy unravelled, and one in 'blackcurrant' Kidsilk Haze, but I don't know the name of the pattern.
Enjoy the Spring break....and keep warm!

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