Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Midwinter Festival

Today is Midwinter Day, usually called Yule. It is the exact opposite of Midsummer Day.These two important days are celebrated, along with Imbolc (first day of Spring), Beltane (May Day, first day of Summer), Lughnasad (Harvest, first day of Autumn), and Samhaine (first day of Winter, and the end, and beginning,of the year). These very old Feasts pre-date the solstice- and- equinox tradition, which is a southern European import. I have no proof, but suspect it came with the Romans, as so many things did.
The most potent symbol, from those far-off days, still takes a central role in our modern celebrations, even though the celebration itself has been subdued and altered.
The Golden Bough.
Whatever your beliefs, I wish you
A Peaceful Heart
A Joyful Home
A Safe and Healthy 2009

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